11416 A prototype of a flying car Toyota went up in the air (5 photos + video)

A prototype of a flying car Toyota went up in the air (5 photos + video)

Прототип летающей машины Toyota поднялся в воздух (5 фото + видео)

Implementation of the program on creation of a flying car, organized by the automobile giant Toyota Motor startup Cartivator Resource Management, approached the stage, launch into the air prototypes. The correspondent of the Agency Associated Press took the first test flight of a flying machine Sky Drive that lasted less than two seconds and was interrupted because of deficient fastening parts of one of the 4 rotary engines. The problem led to the imbalance of the engine, the destruction of the propeller and the termination of the flight.

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The concert Toyota Motor has invested in a startup of about 400 thousand US dollars and plans in 2019 to launch a “flying car” with the pilot, and then use it for the solemn ignition of the Olympic flame at the Tokyo Olympics. Sky Drive will rise to a height of about 10 meters, while developing speed to 100 km per hour. I want to believe that the engineers of the companies will be able to the deadline to present a working manned flying device, because in our time in Portugal daredevils fly hoverboard during a football game.

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