10213 A real transformer from the domestic "Lada" (video)

A real transformer from the domestic “Lada” (video)

Настоящий трансформер из отечественной «Лады» (видео)

Robot-transformer of the ordinary “Frets” has gathered Russian Gennady Poker. This stunt was inspired by a toy, bought by the son of Sergei on holiday in Singapore. The homecoming handmade dad decided to assemble a full-size working mechanism, the basis of which was the domestic model of Lada (VAZ) 2110. For the transformation from car to robot required a matter of seconds.

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The transformer, which Gennady Poker called Optimus G. the Primes, there are toy guns. It can perform stunts no worse than the characters from cartoons or movies, and has already been presented to the public during a show at the eagle. Stuntman intends to create several more transformable robots. What machines will provide the basis for adult toys, is still unknown.

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