11513 A virtual security system of the "wall of trump" is created by the founder of Oculus

A virtual security system of the “wall of trump” is created by the founder of Oculus

Виртуальная система защиты «стены Трампа» создаётся основателем Oculus

A radical change of interests demonstrated by the former owner of Oculus Palmer Lucky. From the development of VR technology implemented in devices augmented reality Oculus Rift (and technology company purchased by Facebook for 2 billion US dollars), Palmer appealed to the protection of the national interests of the United States. The inventor proposes to use a monitoring system providing effective protection of state borders of the country. Detecting and identifying objects in his view, needs to use advanced technology LIDAR, creating using optical scanning space a detailed picture in 2D or 3D format.

Offered by Palmer Luckey the system of protection of the state border will ensure the effective detection of moving objects, animals, people, or unmanned aerial vehicles. Sensors can tell a human from a bird or a coyote, to follow the drone, not paying attention while on birds. As noted by Palmer, is a high-tech solution will be much cheaper than traditional walls proposed for construction between the US and Mexico, the current occupant of the White House.

According to correspondents of the New York Times, technology, border security became interested in Peter Thiel (Board member of Facebook, co-founder of PayPal and technical Advisor trump) and political Advisor to the President Stephen Bannon. In the newly formed company already operates a former colleague of Palmer at the Oculus Christopher dikus.

Source: New York Times

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