72912 Apple Online Store adds new one-click payment option for Apple Card users

Apple Online Store adds new one-click payment option for Apple Card users

If you’re buying a product through Apple’s online store, you can pay for it with a regular credit or debit card, Apple Pay, and even PayPal. Starting today, users will also find a dedicated option to easily check out with Apple Card.

If you have an Apple Card, you can now simply choose the Apple Card option from the Apple Online Store to complete the purchase. This option will be available for paying the full price of any product on Apple’s website, as there are already some Apple products that can be purchased directly with Apple Card monthly payments.

While in theory Apple may argue that this option will simplify the checkout process, the addition of a dedicated Apple Card button is likely a marketing decision. Users were already able to select Apple Card with just a few extra steps through the Apple Pay option, so this will not radically change the ordering process.

As Apple has been increasingly aggressive in promoting Apple Card, highlighting its brand right above the other options might be an attempt to strengthen its presence in the credit card business. It’s worth mentioning that the Apple Card also comes as the first option when you’re adding a new credit or debit card to Apple Pay on iPhone

Apple Card is currently available only in the US, and Apple hasn’t discussed any plans for its international expansion.

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