Apple shares new Pixar-like animated ‘Share Your Gifts’ holiday ad

Apple has released its annual holiday ad, and — unlike previous years — Apple has chosen to go with a fully animated video this time around. Rightfully titled “Share Your Gifts”, this year’s holiday ad focuses on everyone’s individual talents with almost no Apple product placement (save for an animated, stickered MacBook seen in the opening).

Whether it be digitally with music or video creation, or simply cooking, the focus is on creation and expressing your creative talents. Unfortunately, the girl in the video wants to keep her creations a secret.

In the end, the dog lets all of her secrets go and everyone around her is reading and enjoying her creativity.

Apple this year decided to do an animated ad for the holidays and takes strong cues from Pixar’s animation style. The song featured is “come out and play” by Billie Eilish.

Apple has also shared several other videos, with a look at how creators use Apple products to do their work.

With the trio of How I Create videos, Apple is putting creators center stage by having them explain what goes on behind the scenes and how creative professionals get work done, whether that’s on a massive 27-inch iMac, or on an iPhone.

The How I Create videos as well as the full ad can be found below.

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