9555 Available gaming monitor from Asus VG275Q (3 photos)

Available gaming monitor from Asus VG275Q (3 photos)

Доступный игровой монитор VG275Q от Asus (3 фото)

Corporation ASUS has expanded its line of “budget” monitors for fans of computer games, announced a new development called VG275Q. The 27-inch panel has an excellent indicator of response time – 1 MS. (Gray to Gray) refresh rate 75 HZ, and Full HD-resolution matrix TN (1920×1080 pixels).

The presented device has viewing angles horizontally and 170 degrees vertically and 160. The screen is made on the matrix TN, which somewhat limits the image quality, but allows you to achieve excellent response rates when switching between shades of gray 1 MS. The new monitor has a brightness of 300 CD/m2. The use of the technology AMD FreeSync enables you to synchronize the frames to achieve dynamic refresh rate in the range from 48 HZ to 75 HZ.

Доступный игровой монитор VG275Q от Asus (3 фото)

For the user the important point is the use of rheostat method for adjusting the brightness of the led backlight, it reduces eyestrain by reducing the flickering effect. Furthermore, the reduced ultraviolet radiation. ASUS has stated that the consumption of the monitor VG275Q in the range of 40 watts.

Доступный игровой монитор VG275Q от Asus (3 фото)

To ensure that the technology AMD FreeSync provides a single DisplayPort 1.2 a. There are also two HDMI 1.4 a, two 2W speaker, D-Sub and two traditional 3.5 mm connector headset or microphone. The original design of the stand provides the opportunity to carry out a tilt adjustment in the vertical and horizontal planes, set custom height and change the orientation of screen from landscape to portrait by rotating it 90 degrees. The estimated cost of ASUS VG275Q is $300.

Source: asus.com

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