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Biometrics collect a new biochemie

Биометрию соберут новые биочернила

In our days, tattoo is not just another way to Express the “I”. Researchers are trying to apply them as a medical assistant. They can work with sensors that determine temperature, pressure, composition of blood and other parameters of the human body. To do this, researchers from mit and Harvard have created an intelligent ink that can monitor changes in biometric indicators like glucose levels. Their reaction to the change indicators — change color. In our day to control the biomarkers can be used portable devices. They really integrated a lot of elements (including sensors, wireless communication and battery), and they are not very portable. Now those medical gadgets can be replaced by biochemically.

They do not need any extra device: the algorithm of their actions is based on chemical reactions. At the same time, in contact with human blood no need. To measure any indicators enough that the liquid that is in contact with the plasma also carries nutrients to the cells. Ink it to bring in the blood can not. And that means that infected her due to the ingress of a foreign liquid is excluded.

Scientists have already experienced on the skin of pigs a couple of types of biochannel. One of them is sensitive to glucose as soon as sugar concentration increases, it becomes from green to brown. The other is associated with the sodium: when you increase the dosage of this substance it green. The developers note that the naked eye often can see the differences in shades will not be easy. So they’ve created an app that analyzes the color, as well as other figures of the drawing.

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The team conducted a tremendous work. She was presented this year at the ACM International Symposium on Wearable Computers. And yet, scientists fear that such a tattoo may violate your privacy. So they want to make improvements, allowing you to see the result only with special lighting.

Source: newatlas.com

Biometrics collect a new biochemie

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