10116 British prison twine air barrier (video)

British prison twine air barrier (video)

Британские тюрьмы обнесут воздушным барьером (видео)

The company’s Drone Defence and Eclipse Digital Solutions has invented an air barrier. Their system is jamming a radio signal transmitted by drones, and so now, where Sky Fence, drones will not fly. The project will be piloted in prisons in the UK. After all, the problem of the invisible barrier to prevent the entry of prohibited items into the territory of correctional institutions.

In June, Sky Fence will include in Les Nicolles — this place is 139 located on the island of Guernsey. Prisoners using drones here passed phone, cigarettes, drugs and other prohibited items. The prison hopes that this new measure will relieve them of contraband from the air.

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Network consisting of 20 stations jamming radio signal, are located around the perimeter of the object. The invisible barrier height of 600 meters. So drones are in jail now will not fly. As told to Richard Gill, Director of one of the companies who created the Sky Fence, their development is a preventive measure. After meeting with their barrier drone will not fall immediately, but will lose the signal from the operator. And virtually all of the new drones have a feature that enables them to return to the starting point in this situation.

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