10799 Chinese drone can carry a ton of cargo

Chinese drone can carry a ton of cargo

Китайский дрон сможет перевозить тонну груза
Online store JD.com working in China, undertook the development of a drone-heavyweight with a lifting capacity up to one ton. In the long term this will greatly facilitate the organization of Express delivery orders in terms of the traffic problems of big cities and the country as a whole.

For the preparation of large models of the UAV given three years. In preparation of the project the specialists of the online store has already received permission for the use of air routes in the Central China province of Shanxi. While they use about 20 by early 2018 this figure will increase to 100. In turn, officials are sure that this technique will be useful for administrative tasks. For example, it can be used to deliver products to remote areas and transporting the crop from the outskirts of provincial cities.

Source: Bloomberg

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