8548 Echo Look — personal stylist from Amazon (5 photos + video)

Echo Look — personal stylist from Amazon (5 photos + video)

Echo Look — персональный стилист от Amazon (5 фото + видео)

Amazon has presented a new multifunctional smart camera Echo the Look with the original features. For just $199 consumers can purchase in addition to the voice operated cameras and even a device that performs the functions of a personal stylist for clothing. Using Echo to Look, you can take pictures in different outfits and get advice from the device if you select the most successful combinations, the relevant current trends and directions in fashion.

Technologically, the process of “consultation” as follows: the user gives Echo a Look a voice command to take a picture or video, then the received data is sent to Your smartphone or tablet. With the pre-installed application consulting looks at your image from different angles and chooses the most favourite set of clothes.

Echo Look — персональный стилист от Amazon (5 фото + видео)

Another useful feature is the presence of innovative app Style Check, which has the ability to conduct a comparative analysis of the two photos in different clothes and give a recommendation on the preferred outfit. In the algorithm application is the possibility to compare clothes on several parameters, taking into account the changing fashion trends, different combinations of colors in clothing, new directions in style and other factors. The app can improve their skills and receive additional information based on the feedback of the user or the expert of the experts in the fashion world.

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The camera also Echo the Look is able to execute any command using the voice assistant, Alexa. The user can obtain information about the weather conditions, put on some music, listen to the news or an audiobook, set the alarm clock.

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