1521 Electric Air Duster — "eternal" spray to clean equipment (8 photos + video)
Electric Air Duster — “eternal” spray to clean equipment (8 photos + video)

Electric Air Duster — “eternal” spray to clean equipment (8 photos + video)

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Electric Air Duster —

Each user of a desktop computer or laptop noticed that over time, the keyboard, even with careful use and storage, clogged with dust and small dirt particles. The same thing is happening with the system unit, the body of which is constantly delayed all sorts of particles. However, for the latter it is fraught with the deterioration of the cooling efficiency. Therefore, the components of the PC regularly cleaned from dust. For this purpose, the Japanese company Sanwa Supply has released a device Electric Air Duster (model 200-CD 029). The product is made in the format of a can of compressed air, the flow of which corresponds to a pump powered by the internal battery. Novelty is a kind of “infinite” analogue of the commercially available cans of compressed air, which cost quite expensive, but missing them for a while.

Electric Air Duster store in Japan is offered for about $70, while the base of the nozzle performs the function of the illumination due to the presence of the led and the tube for air supply can be rotated 90 degrees to reach the most distant and dusty little plots available technology. For easy operation the switch is located at the bottom of the device, and the shutter release button is placed similarly with the trigger in a children’s gun. The total battery charge is enough for 20 minutes of continuous operation, but the manufacturer recommends to use the apparatus no longer than three minutes at a time.
The dimensions of “eternal” cartridge are 196х62 mm, length of the purge tube is 120 mm. the weight of the Electric Air Duster just 440 grams.

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