10217 Electric cars can be charged in motion (4 pics + video)

Electric cars can be charged in motion (4 pics + video)

Электромобили можно зарядить в движении (4 фото + видео)

Moving and charging. Such a result is made up of Qualcomm and Vedecom, creating a hundred-meter track for electric vehicles. The road mounted in a special charger. Its effectiveness has been tested on several machines.

Design engineers, established in the framework of the project Fabric, generates up to 20 kW. Over technology, able to wirelessly charge moving electric cars, worked many professionals, including those from Qualcomm Halo.

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For wide application of the technology it should be used on all roads everywhere. If the improvement project will be continued (but reducing the charging mechanism called Dynamic Electric Vehicle Charging or Qualcomm DEVC), then it is possible that the proposed development Qualcomm will not think about the need to stop at specialized stations for charging electric cars.

Source: Qualcomm

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