Elon Musk has decided to build a new centre for the recovery of launch vehicles SpaceX

Илон Маск решил построить новый центр по восстановлению ракет-носителей SpaceX

The company SpaceX plans to establish a new center for the storage, recovery and preparation for flights of reusable rocket vehicles. The compact layout of the new complex in Florida, in the vicinity of launch pads, will reduce the technological time, necessary for the Commission launches the Falcon.

At the moment, the company considered the option of building a new technology centre for training rocket carrier Falcon after their return from space for subsequent flights. The site, located South of the existing launch pads SpaceX, located at Cape Canaveral.

The first rocket, the Falcon made a successful landing in December 2015, once the space has successfully returned 12 of the rocket – carriers. The landing was carried out on land areas and on platforms at sea. Two Falcon rocket after proper verification and recovery procedures were sent to re-space flight, however, they successfully delivered into orbit commercial satellites.

In March, the company SpaceX has signed a contract for the lease of the Spacehab project, located at Cape Canaveral. This work was carried out for resuscitation and preparation for re-flight modules for space Shuttle NASA. At the moment the project is closed, the shuttles don’t fly. Today concluded another contract for the operation of 2.2 acres of land adjacent to already-leased areas of the Spacehab project.

According to the statement of John Taylor, the representative of SpaceX , the new constructed by the company center is designed for storage and maintenance of the rocket carrier Falcon. In existing buildings project Spacehab will host office space and storage for the equipment and the missiles that currently are unsuitable for this docks for floating landing platforms for SpaceX.

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At the moment in the management of SpaceX are two fixed launch pad, located in Florida. One of the sites is restored after a disaster in 2016, when, in September exploded rocket cost 62 million dollars with a communication satellite worth $ 200 million. The result is a launching pad disabled. The company is now SpaceX conducts restoration work and plans to launch the site in operation this year.

SpaceX is preparing for the tenth flight this year and the third in nine days, the launch will take place on 2 July. According to Mr Taylor, now the company SpaceX has a backlog of charts runs 70 flights, the cost of which is estimated at more than $ 10 billion.

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