The staircase itself helps to go up and down on it (video)

Эта лестница сама помогает подниматься и спускаться по ней (видео)

Engineers always surprised by their unusual solutions to facilitate everyday life. Professionals Georgia Institute of Technology and their colleagues from Emory University decided that some segments of the population, for example older people and people with disabilities need to provide independent assistance in overcoming steps, and therefore invented the energy-efficient “smart” the ladder that helps you go.

Эта лестница сама помогает подниматься и спускаться по ней (видео)

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The essence of the invention lies in the special steps that has built-in spring. When the person descends, and steps down under the weight reaching. It saves energy and reduces the load by nearly 22 percent. When you need to go up, stairs go up, pushing the leg walking, and this reduces the load on knees by nearly 38 percent. And go, of course, easier. The inventors used the pressure sensors. But there are nuances. The system works when the staircase is only one person.

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