Meter FreeStyle Libre does not require puncture of the finger and test strips

Глюкометр FreeStyle Libre не требует прокола пальца и тест-полосок

American management under sannazaro (FDA) has reviewed and approved a new model completely independent of non-invasive glucose meter the FreeStyle Libre does not require blood sampling from the fingertips for patients older than 18 years, test strips and medical assistance for its installation and supervision of proper operation. To measure the level of sugar in the blood is sufficient to attach the sensor to the inner side of the shoulder. To know the result, you need to spend on it mobile reader — all data is displayed on the screen. The development belongs to the American chemical and pharmaceutical company Abbott.

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The apparatus consists of two parts. The module, in size resembling a five-ruble coin, and fastened on the body of the diabetic measures the evidences in interstitial fluids. To demonstrate indicators use the mini-monitor, which scans attached to the skin of the device even through clothing.

Глюкометр FreeStyle Libre не требует прокола пальца и тест-полосок

Attached to the body waterproof sensor aktiviziruyutsya 12 hours after installation and Autonomous works within 14 days. All data is stored in memory within 90 days, allowing without problems to track the dynamics of rising and falling blood sugar levels, depending on external factors and take appropriate action.

Глюкометр FreeStyle Libre не требует прокола пальца и тест-полосок

Clinical tests on humans have shown that the FreeStyle Libre measures the level of glucose in the blood is not worse than at clinics, where possible, the laboratory analysis of samples. However, the product is no automatic notification about critical sugar level, for example, while sleeping or driving. Freestyle Libre with one sensor sells for $400 or 19 990 RUB.

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