Hands-on: Logitech’s MX Vertical changed the way I look at mice

When I first saw the announcement for the MX Vertical from Logitech, I was intrigued. I had seen vertical mice like this from other companies on Amazon before but was never quite sure if they “really” worked.

I came from the MX Master 2S (and MX Master before that, with a few MX Anywhere mice thrown in as well.) In my mind, nothing could be as good ergonomically as the MX Master. It felt better than other mice and had tons of features. My views were completely changed after using the MX Vertical for just over a week.

The Logitech MX Vertical checks just about every box I need when looking for a new mouse. It has customizable DPI, back/forward buttons, and a nice scroll wheel. There are some features of the MX Master, like side scroll wheel and gestures, that I miss when using the MX Vertical, but those are more frill additions than required features for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I still keep an MX Master 2S on my desk if I’m in some heavy video editing and need the side scroll wheel, but by and large I haven’t touched it once since using the MX Vertical.

Logitech claims that the 57-degree angle is “perfect” to reduce muscle strain when using a mouse. I have to agree, as it has greatly reduced the strain on my wrist during normal work days.

Hands-on: Logitech’s MX Vertical changed the way I look at mice

Working from home, I sit in front of a computer for roughly 8 hours a day most days, and when working on college studies, that can easily grow to 10-12+ hours on any given day. My hand is on my mouse for a good portion of that, and the new position of the MX Vertical really does help.

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The latest mouse from Logitech aims to put your hand into a position similar to when you’d give someone a handshake. It’s natural for our hands and wrists to rest like this, and I can see the benefits.

The first few days were odd, for sure, as it is a fundamentally different way to use a mouse. The buttons are still very easy to press, and the scroll wheel is just as easy to use. Really, this is how mice should have been made all along.

Everyone who I’ve had try the MX Vertical thinks its weird at first, yet oddly comfortable. I was the same until I used it for a decent length of time and now I can’t imagine using another mouse as my daily driver.

You don’t get many extra buttons with the MX Vertical. There’s the normal right/left mouse buttons, the center scroll wheel, and then back/forward buttons by your thumb. On the top is another special button that allows you to change the DPI on the fly. You can have pre-programmed DPI settings and change within those two options easily. I’ve found between ⅓ and ½ is perfect for me.

All of the buttons on the MX Vertical can be customized to your heart’s content, so you can make each button do whatever you need it to do.

When it comes to charging, Logitech has finally adopted USB-C. In the box, you’ll get a USB-A to USB-C cable for charging and data transfer, but you can use any USB-C cable with this mouse.

Yes, that’s right. Data transfer. Previous generations of Logitech’s mice only worked wirelessly, be it Bluetooth or the proprietary 2.4GHz dongle. The MX Vertical now works over a wired connection, if you’re in a wireless-dominated workspace with lots of interference or just want to use it while charging without being connected wirelessly.

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Two things I really wish the MX Vertical had was the gestures from the MX Master series, as I had grown fond of using them with macOS, and the infinite scroll wheel, but those are small things in the grand scheme.

Overall, the MX Vertical is a must have if you use a computer for hours on end every day. It really does help with the muscle strain in your wrist, and it’s just darn comfortable to use really. My hand feels so natural on it, and when I reach next to it and grab the MX Master, it feels foreign at this point.

The MX Vertical will run you $100 and is available and is available from Amazon, B&H, or direct from Logitech’s website. Some retailers are already out of stock, but you can order now for shipment when more arrive.

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