11146 In the DPRK began to sell the iPad (2 photos)

In the DPRK began to sell the iPad (2 photos)

В КНДР начали продавать iPad (2 фото)

Cloning of Apple products giant is not new, but the Chinese plagiarists shamefully change the name or make a camouflage design improvements. Unlike its neighbors. Engineers from the North Korean company Ryonghung on the contrary, not cloning the electronics and design borrowed from Apple the gadget title. In North Korea, in the paper Foreign Trade presents an advertising leaflet of the Ryonghung tablet iPad (the name used a lower case Latin “i”). While the ad refers to the appropriate certification obtained in local authorities.

The exterior design of the tablet from North Korea, as, indeed, technical parameters, nothing to do with Apple products not have. 7 inch screen can be equipped with an external keyboard supplied in the boxed version. Aspect ratio 16:9 display. CPU 4-core with a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz, RAM 1 GB and hard disk has a capacity of 8 GB. Ryonghung iPad is equipped with a HDMI port and a slot for memory cards SD only through it is possible to install new applications. The tablet has more than 40 preset programs that allow you to work with documents, calculations on the calculator and use news. Built-in medical encyclopedia with a list of 1200 diseases will be of interest to clients in the self test. In addition, in the advertisement specified the network connectivity.

В КНДР начали продавать iPad (2 фото)

Given the fact that the brand name “iPad” was used by Apple back in 2010, questions of priority should arise, but dare Apple compete with the state machine of North Korea — the future will show.

Source: phonearena.com

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