Indiegogo has launched online store with guaranteed delivery (3 photos)

Indiegogo открыл интернет-магазин с гарантией доставки (3 фото)

On crowdfunding site Indiegogo decided to help the creators of successful projects in the sales of their own products at the end of charges. On the website there is a section called Marketplace, where the displayed gadgets and other interesting products not available in ordinary stores. It is important that the resource guarantee delivery or purchase, and in the shortest possible time.

Indiegogo открыл интернет-магазин с гарантией доставки (3 фото)

Appeared in the store network and third-party things, produced without assistance from the service Indiegogo, this crowdfunding platform employees choose from a huge number of proposals, the most original. Boredom at the Marketplace is not the place. While this section mainly presents the projects related to technology. Among the products: security Bluetooth is a decoration , Athena with GPS, smart filter for air purification Wynd, advanced road bottle Hydra with backlight, wireless charging and a column, the smart night light Aumi and more.

Indiegogo открыл интернет-магазин с гарантией доставки (3 фото)

When the user places an order, the system displays whether it is possible to deliver the goods in the chosen country. The service also shows a selection of Gogo Pop-UP ideas for gifts. For clients there are unique offers and also special discounts for holidays.

Indiegogo remains for 10-15% of retail sales in the Marketplace of the product. Kickstarter has not yet announced similar plans. Amazon is already within a few years there is a similar project called Launchpad, under is products technology start-UPS, among other things – the Essential mobile Phone.

Source: Indiegogo

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