ISCC does not allow to conduct surveillance through the webcam (8 pics + video)

ISCC не позволит вести слежку через веб-камеру (8 фото + видео)

Many people willingly share numerous photos that show each step of their life, but no one wants to be without their knowledge behind them was shadowed. Miniature accessory ISCC allows you to close and open the lens camera only if necessary. The accessory with the thickness of 0.7 mm is fastened in the area of the PV panel, and the available design curtain is easy to push at the right time. The product increases the thickness of the device, so even ultra-thin laptops are easy to hide with attached ISCC. Cap clings to the body of the smartphone, tablet, laptop, or monitor, and does not detach in the fall equipment and wipe the screen with a cloth (or retrieve a smartphone from his pocket). There is only one caveat — the surface around the camera should be flat, otherwise the ISCC will simply not be attached to the device. The cost of new items is approximately $9 translated from the Swiss franc.

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