Google Maps will be clearer and easier (7 photos)

Карты Google Maps станут нагляднее и проще (7 фото)

Google has announced the release of updates to its mapping service. As a result of modernization of the interface the visualization software will be more convenient, and to distinguish the different objects will be easier. This should have a positive impact on the orientation of the user on the ground depending on which method of transportation he had at the moment.

Карты Google Maps станут нагляднее и проще (7 фото)

Карты Google Maps станут нагляднее и проще (7 фото)

The objects in the map service will be displayed in accordance with the selected mode. For pedestrians, for example, shops, public transport and metro station and for motorists — Parking, gas stations and service stations, icons for places of temporary roadworks.

Each type of object will get a certain color key. So, the green will highlight the parks and gardens, rose pharmacies, clinics and hospitals, orange — point of catering, restaurants and bars, blue – stores and shopping malls and so on.

The changes will gradually appear in the desktop Google Maps, and mobile applications under iOS and Android, and Android Auto. Over time, they will be available on all sites that use the Google Maps API.

Source: Google

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