“Killer” flagships OnePlus 5 was independently tested (video)

“Killer” flagships OnePlus 5 was independently tested (video)

Smartphone OnePlus 5 only recently been announced, but has already passed all kinds of tests, including mechanical strength. The device showed excellent results, confirming the words of the developer about his invulnerability. With its technical characteristics and affordable cost, it really can compete with the market leaders.

The glass covering the display, withstands scratches. Hardness value on the Mohs scale is 6 points, while most smartphones premium range it does not exceed 5.

The gadget is difficult to bend, and therefore, it is unlikely to break in your back pocket. However, the OnePlus case 5 suffers from coins, keys and other sources of eternal scratching.

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The blogger who conducted the test – jerryrigeverything once sure that the phone is very reliable, but specifically to test his strength for a normal user is still not recommended. Manufacturer’s warranty for such experiments are not covered.

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