3174 Lenovo discontinues the Motorola smartphones
Lenovo discontinues the Motorola smartphones

Lenovo discontinues the Motorola smartphones

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Lenovo прекращает выпуск смартфонов Motorola

The leadership of the Chinese company Lenovo decided to abandon the production of products under the Motorola brand, which was acquired in 2014 by Google. The same fate will befall the electronics sub-brand Vibe. Instead, all devices will come under a single Lenovo moto. The first of these will be presented 26 Feb at the upcoming exhibition MWC 2017.

“Private grocery brands have long existed for model series Lenovo laptop (Yoga, ThinkPad), and smartphones such common names were not – Lenovo moto will fill this gap”, said Alexey Klochkov, Executive Director of the mobile division to Lenovo in Eastern Europe. Besides, the integration process of merging the mobile division of Lenovo and Motorola is causing some difficulties which result, for example, in falling of sales of Lenovo smartphones in Russia. The buyer disoriented: Motorola fans do not recognize new devices, assuming they are not “fake” Motorola, while Lenovo smartphones attractive not because of the brand, but due to the ratio of price and quality.

The transition to a single brand Lenovo moto is the search for identity and a good chance to erode Chinese roots to strengthen the position of Lenovo in the smartphone market as an international company with major far-reaching plans. A new step, sure Lenovo will have a positive impact on the development of mobile units, will increase sales and increase customer loyalty.

Source: Vedomosti

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