Men can live longer and have superpowers

Мужчины могут жить дольше и обладать суперспособностями

In a special edition of Science Advances recently published the results of DNA research-data 800. A group of authors found a direct relationship between DNA mutations, and longevity in men and the formation of abilities. Interestingly, these mutations have no effect on the fairer sex.

The studies were conducted almost twenty years. The programme specialists since 2001, studied the Pennsylvania Amish, and the Ashkenazi Jews over the age of 60 years and their children. Even then it turned out that relatives living in a closed social group, similar in many ways. They have about the same lifespan. Even then, scientists noticed that people with less growth, can boast of longevity — and they are more commonly found mutation in the growth hormone receptors. In practice, this means that the average male with the mutation can ten years longer to retire.

Because aging in men and women takes place under different scenarios, such mutations do not affect the life expectancy and the presence of “superpowers” for women. Probably, the nature has protected them from such genetic fluctuations, to simplify the bearing and raising of offspring. Men are the same due to mutations, it is sometimes possible to demonstrate a talent in running, endurance and immunity against serious diseases such as malaria. Scientists tend to see additional reasons for increasing life expectancy.

Source: onlinelibrary, sciencemag

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