Muse’s ‘Simulation Theory’ album artwork created with Apple Pencil and iPad Pro

iPad Pro and Apple Pencil can do really amazing stuff when you put some time and effort into it. A great example of this is the new album artwork for the musical artist Muse.

Looking at the webpage for their new album Simulation Theory, both the album artwork and the video teaser was almost entirely created with the iPad Pro using the Apple Pencil. The band hired artist Kyle Lambert to do the artwork. He’s known for doing the artwork for major films and TV shows such as Stranger Things, Jurassic Park, and more.

Lambert posted a video of the album artwork in the making, which can be seen below.

The power of Apple Pencil with iPad Pro can sometimes be understated, especially by non-artists. Many users are looking for an updated iPad Pro at the October 30 event this upcoming week. We expect Apple to update the Apple Pencil this time around, possibly making it easier to pair, charge, and store with the updated iPads.

Thanks Kyle!

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