New virus BlueBorne able to take control of the gadgets with any OS

Новый вирус BlueBorne способен захватить контроль над гаджетами с любой ОС

A team of experts Armis dealing with issues of digital security has identified eight vulnerabilities in the Bluetooth Protocol, which is commonly used in modern gadgets.

Critical experts have called for three zero-day vulnerabilities. Knowing about them and using BlueBorne malicious, attackers can easily bypass any system of user authentication, infecting all the equipment, which includes Bluetooth, in the range of the signal for a few hours. On the principle of action, speed of propagation and level of potential threats to the programmers compared the new Trajan WannaCry and Petya, who in the two accounts could paralyze major companies and government agencies.

To prevent the epidemic, representatives of Armis contacted Apple, Google, Microsoft. Already released and yet to develop the patches, unfortunately, will only be available on devices that are currently supported by the manufacturer. This means that the gadgets based on iOS 9.3.5 and older can suffer from hackers in the first place.

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