12714 Nuclear battery from Rosatom will last more than half a century (video)
Nuclear battery from Rosatom will last more than half a century (video)

Nuclear battery from Rosatom will last more than half a century (video)

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Ядерная батарейка от Росатома прослужит больше полувека (видео)

“ATOMEXPO-2017”, the ninth large-scale event. It was attended by nearly a hundred companies, both domestic and foreign. They presented a lot of interesting technological samples. Rosatom was in the ranks of the leaders. He presented a module transportation and levitation, collected case VVER-1200 nuclear reactor and created an impressive sample of floating nuclear stations. In this case a special interest was shown Rosatom nuclear battery, easily able to work at least half a century.

It was developed by Rosatom-owned FGUP “NII NPO Luch”. This is a test instance is not a small threat of nutrient source. It is based on the Ni-63 isotope.

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The General Director of FGUP “NII NPO Luch” Pavel Zaitsev says that this battery, although it has moderate ampere-volt characteristics, can claim the role of alternative nutrient database for pacemakers, used by physicians. To operate only one such sample in the neighborhood of half a century.

However, how much it will cost such a device, it’s unclear even approximately. After all, it is necessary to consider that the raw materials used in the creation of a nuclear battery, is quite expensive. Mention and hares: even grams of substance of Ni-63 is very expensive – about $ 4,000. The price of any diamond element is in the range from tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles.

Pavel Zaitsev, however, has not announced what the final cost ready to use the nuclear battery. He refers to the fact that there is still only an experimental model. For sale they are not provided.

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