10978 NVIDIA Max-Q will produce ultra-thin gaming notebooks (2 photos)

NVIDIA Max-Q will produce ultra-thin gaming notebooks (2 photos)

NVIDIA Max-Q позволит выпускать ультратонкие игровые ноутбуки (2 фото)

During the presentation held in Taipei (Taiwan) Computex 2017 company NVIDIA demonstrated the innovative design concept of Max-Q, which allows to reduce requirements to the thickness of laptops, and thus improve performance. Equipped with a premium video card Ge Force GTX 10 series gaming laptops will be able to show three times greater performance while reducing such an important parameter as the thickness of the body of the mobile computer in three times.

NVIDIA Max-Q позволит выпускать ультратонкие игровые ноутбуки (2 фото)

Have recently experienced a giant leap in gaming laptops. When using the new concept of Max-Q will present to the audience a powerful gaming laptop equipped with a Ge Force GTX 1080. The computer case has a thickness of only 18 mm and a weight of 2.3 kg. Such results have been achieved through the use of new optimized architecture of Pascal, a contemporary of drivers, optimization of the hull and individual parts of the laptop. All this combined to create the optimal balance of performance and energy consumption. New ultra thin gaming laptops, which uses the concept of Max-Q and equipped with the GTX 1080 if you work with games in 4K modes, will be much more productive (70 percent) of laptops with GTX 1060.

During the presentation, was shown super slim laptop for gamers Asus ROG Zephyr, equipped with a Ge Force GTX 1080. At the same time the new laptop, the assurance of developers, the performance of almost 60 percent above the most powerful gaming console Sony Play Station 4 Pro.

To improve the settings and operating comfort laptops the important point is announced mode Whisper Mode. Innovation the innovation will allow to optimize the operating temperature and reduce the noise. This was made possible by reducing the need for forced ventilation, which is achieved by changing frame rate, optimizing graphic settings and increasing efficiency of energy consumption. New laptops with architecture Pascal to update Ge Force Experience will get the chance to work using Whisper Mode.

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NVIDIA during the presentation indicated that the new concept will be used with graphics cards 10 series GTX 1080 GTX 1070 GTX 1060 and. The production of superfine and super productive laptops will carry the company partners, including ACER, ALIENWARE, ASUS, GIGABYTE, LENOVO, HP, MSI and other companies. The first gaming notebooks based on the new platform Max-Q will be available from June 27.

Source: NVIDIA

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