Original watch FES Watch U with the screen on electronic ink

Оригинальные часы FES Watch U с экраном на электронных чернилах

SONY started in Japan retail sales hours FES Watch U, equipped with black-and-white E-Ink screen, which in this version is located on the entire surface of the timepiece, including a dial and a strap. This design will allow us, by pressing one button to change a clock design.

This series of watches is the second generation and developing, the minimalist design of the original version of wearable electronics, resulting from the cooperation of SONY and E-Ink. Unlike the first version of the new watch got the elegant rim of stainless steel, significantly raised margin products and giving them a finished designer look. The FES Watch U weight only 75 grams, thickness is 12 mm and the dial diameter is 43 mm. water resistance grade IPX5/IPX7.

Smartphone app FES Closet will allow you to change appearance of the clock and strap. Also SONY will offer a monthly update template designs, created by famous artists. Batteries allow you to work hours in Autonomous mode up to 21 days. The price of a new watch starts at $417.

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