The world’s first robot, sleepy people (3 photos + video)

Первый в мире робот, усыпляющий людей (3 фото + видео)

Kickstarter project launched to create a robot pillows to ensure a truly relaxing sleep. Its form Somnox similar to beans. Anatomical curves allow the user to tightly press the robot to your body, because the idea of developers to sleep with him it is necessary in an embrace.

Первый в мире робот, усыпляющий людей (3 фото + видео)

The weight of the pillow around 2 kg, the Device can play relaxing sounds to simulate the heartbeat and the different rhythms of breathing to a user, choosing your, can quickly depart in the arms of Morpheus. According to the developers, sleep with a pillow Somnox more efficient and sturdy, allowing you to sleep well and relax.

Первый в мире робот, усыпляющий людей (3 фото + видео)

Besides the sound of breathing and heartbeat users can stream through the cushion any audio file, after downloading it on a microSD card. After using a robot-the pillow needs to be recharged from the mains. Somnox supports Bluetooth connection with a smartphone through which you can stream an application sleep setting to identify problems. Via the smartphone you can start and stop the robot, set an alarm and so on.

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The cost Somnox – €449, however, despite the high cost, upon prior reservation, the project has gained necessary for the production of the gadget amount.

Source: Somnox

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