Radio controlled hexapod robot-flamethrower (2 videos)

Радиоуправляемый шестиногий робот-огнемет (2 видео)

Videobloger and “handyman” Peter Siripol (Peter Sripol) was inspired by the brainchild of Japanese artist under the name Y NAKAJIMA, who gathered six-fingered man walking monster’s threat with a powerful laser and good-natured face of Thomas the tank engine from the popular animated series “Thomas & friends”. Buying in the Chinese online store radioupravlyaemye robot-hexapod, with shibamata, Peter transformed it into his version of armed Thomas, replacing parts with more durable counterparts, in particular modernization undergone motors and servos, and there are soldered copper tubes miniature flamethrower, and the “body” of a recognizable character. In the style of “Mad max”, radioupravlyaemye homemade toy demonstrated their ability on the battlefield with toy soldiers and tanks.

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