Remember the childhood: the owners of gadgets can play old games for Sega (video)

Вспомни детство: владельцы гаджетов могут поиграть в старые игры для Sega (видео)

Not so long ago the prefix was one of the favorite pastimes. The owners spent a day and night of the passage of a new game. Japan decided to remember the past and to give retrogamer the opportunity to play on smartphones once favorite toys, including Sonic, Phantasy Star II, and others.

The game will be constantly updated about every 2 weeks. So the owners of gadgets on Android and iOS will be able to find something that is dear to their heart. It is expected to release official emulators and ports.

All games are available in free access, but you can pay about 2 dollars for the game and enjoy the passage without ads. Other differences from the free paid version does not.

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