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Ramoroka-sign language interpreter (video)

Роборука-сурдопереводчик (видео)

On the planet tens of millions of hard of hearing and completely deaf people. Communication with those who can hear them is not a trivial task. To facilitate such interaction, scientists are always looking for new approaches. Students of the Belgian University of Antwerp, showed the world his original thesis project. They printed raboroko working as a sign language interpreter.

The device is made of two and a half dozen printed in three-dimensional format PLA parts. For their mobility meets Arduino brokered sixteen servos. ASLAN subsequently supplemented with a second hand, as well as a fairly emotional person. Then the verbal phrase can be translated into sign language is not clear.

[embedded content]

The creators of the device say they do not seek to replace professionals. ASLAN will be a great aid in cases where an experienced sign language interpreter on hand will not. When the design work is complete, the authors want to publish all the data in the public domain. So all who have access to a 3D printer will be able to collect ASLAN and use it as directed.

Source: techcrunch.com

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Ramoroka-sign language interpreter (video)

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