Atlas robot demonstrates the wonders of acrobatics (video)

Робот Atlas демонстрирует чудеса акробатики (видео)

Before Boston Dynamics, which was owned by holding Alphabet was created for the advanced needs of the U.S. army, but now a robotics company is owned by Japanese SoftBank. What the new owner plans on existing developments, still remains a mystery. Engineers continue to improve the old, who delight the audience with a display of their new skills and forms. Perhaps the humanoid Atlas, ready for a performance at the Tokyo summer Olympics in 2020, since the robot skillfully demonstrates the wonders of parkour: jumping from platform to platform, jump up on high ledges, jump with 180° and easily perform a somersault over the head.

[embedded content]Watch till the end

Well, maybe now it is worth it to teach an ancient Japanese skill with the sword? Industrial robot Yaskawa Motoman-MH24 has already shown his ability to honored master of jujitsu Isao Machi, who set five world records to the sword, and got into the Guinness Book of records.

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