Robot duAro will help Apple serve customers (video)

Робот duAro поможет Apple обслуживать клиентов (видео)

Who loves themselves to stick the protective film on the screen of the smartphone when any wrong move and haste can lead to the formation of air bubbles or uneven alignment of the film? A year ago in Aple stores there are special devices that took over the routine work of the human staff. Machines quickly and smoothly without bubbles able to paste protective film on the iPhone, but in Japan the machines seem boring, but because the company Kawasaki introduced its version of the robot duAro. New skill mechanical assistant who already knows how to draw pictures and cook, demonstrated at the ongoing Tokyo exhibition Pepper World. The robot need only to specify the model of iPhone, the rest of the work he will perform independently as many times as needed and the result will always be perfect.

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