11605 Robot priest BlessU-2 (5 photos + video)

Robot priest BlessU-2 (5 photos + video)

Робот-священник BlessU-2 (5 фото + видео)

Despite the fact that robotics has affected almost all spheres of life, still she does not interfere in religious relationships between people. However, in Germany the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the reformation of Christianity in Wittenberg, has produced several provocative robot priest named BlessU-2.

The exhibition at the Evangelical Church of Hesse and Nassau has been shown humanoid robot BlessU-2, a “person” which expresses concern about the fate of members, especially clearly manifested in the manipulation of the eyebrows. The priest-Android there are two arms with glowing hands, imitating the facial expressions of the head, speakers for conversation and a large monitor on the housing that displays the questions asked by the robot. Robot priest speaks seven languages. Upon completion of the service BlessU-2 can print the blessing.

Робот-священник BlessU-2 (5 фото + видео)

According to the priest Stefan Krebs of the Protestant Church, in charge of the exhibition, the robot is not intended to be used for the administration of the service. This performance likely created as a symbol of the impact of information technologies on people’s minds, comparable to the influence of the reformation of Martin Luther began in Germany five centuries ago. The robot can stimulate discussion about the role of information technology in the spiritual life of mankind. At the completion of the exhibition, the robot was placed in a Museum to attract tourists. Now BlessU-2 are attracted to the Church those who had not attended.

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