10321 Robotic ships will turn sailors in office workers (video)

Robotic ships will turn sailors in office workers (video)

Роботизация морских судов превратит моряков в офисных служащих (видео)

Beginning in early may, the design work on the creation of the first fully automated ship can lead to the transformation of the romantic profession of a sailor in ordinary office work at the computer. This will eliminate the need to go on a long time voyage, the ship management will occur remotely. Matt Mcfarland from CNN indicates that in this case, carriers will reduce the costs to the sailors (on some types of vessels for wages of the crew takes up to 70% on the flight).

In the process of automation of the ship will be possible to transfer the crew to land, which provides not only savings earmarked for wages, but also considerably simplify the construction of vessels, increase the useful volume for the transport of goods. Moving people to the land, it will be possible to abandon the systems of ventilation and air conditioning, huge tanks for fresh water and stores of food, and from residential areas on sewer systems with the galley and the wardroom. This will lead to fuel savings required to ensure the viability of the team. But the main issue will be the safety of the crew, staying on the Bank, replacement of semiannual psychologically heavy watches on a standard 8 hour working days.

The pioneers of the translation of civil navigation in Autonomous robotic control were from Norway: Kongsberg Gruppe engaged in the development of the technological part of the project, and the customer fertilizer producer Yara. Fully electrified container ship whose length is 75 meters, speed to 15 knots (over 27 km/h) will carry about a hundred containers to a distance of 120 km Route will link the three seaports in Norway and will reduce road transport diesel vehicles (up to 40 thousand flights trucks per year). The project plans envisaged that the ship led by captain will make the first flight in 2018, then in 2019 the management will be transferred to remote piloted mode. In 2020, the vessel will begin to walk in a fully Autonomous mode.

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Container ships have small crews and the share of wages in the cost of the flight is small. At the same time, towed vessels on wage spending to 70 percent of costs. Rolls-Royce is interested in the idea of automated ships towed type to reduce the cost of flights. The representative of the project Sea Machines evaluates the development of automated tugs like a giant step in reducing injuries at sea, because it was on ships of this type often occur accident-related injuries of seamen. Startup Sea Machines at the same time working to create emergency vehicles, which in the pair would be able to effectively deal with the oil spills, spills of harmful substances at sea.

Also, the project aimed at creating automated ships, drones for security and control. Previously the auto vehicles were developed exclusively by the military departments. The most successful is the American development of underwater uninhabited complex DARPA ACTUV, is designed to combat enemy submarines operating with reduced noise. Another interesting project was the Israeli ship – the robot, developed by Elbit Systems and performs works on neutralization of underwater min.

Source: CNN

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