Robots Cellulo is used to teach students (5 photo + 2 video)

Роботов Cellulo используют для обучения школьников (5 фото + 2 видео)

The constant development of equipment and technologies allows us to considerably reduce the cost of manufacture of robots, which enables their use in different, non-traditional spheres of human activity. The developers of the CHILI lab (Federal Polytechnic school, Lausanne, Switzerland) put forward an original idea about the use of robot class Cellulo for demonstration purposes as a teaching equipment in schools.

Роботов Cellulo используют для обучения школьников (5 фото + 2 видео)

The principle of using robots Cellulo is the use for educational purposes low-cost and easy to operate mechanisms that can interact with each other, creating original and memorable demonstrations of various physical processes. In addition, robots are equipped with a special control device with feedback, ensuring the coordination of all the departments of the robotic equipment. Cellulo can move independently with the wheel at the exact desired path, while they themselves return to the specified route when trying to bias, or the appearance of extraneous obstacles.

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Researchers from the Swiss laboratory suggested the use of a group of robots Celluloв as a visual demonstration of the processes occurring in molecules and atoms. For example, the behavior of small robots to demonstrate to students the process of transmission of oscillatory processes from one “atom” to another, and mounted on the housing Cellulo LEDs can show the gradual process of heating substances.

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Ample opportunities for teachers opens with the appearance of flying robots Cellulo (the next stage). In this case, students can show the processes with the gas molecules when heated at lessons of physics and chemistry and demonstrate the behaviour of planets in motion in orbits in astronomy. In this show students will be able to “remove” from the system the individual robots and to trace changes in the interaction of the remaining sample “planets.”

At the moment the project is at the stage of development and business performance has not yet received any specific message. In addition, it was not stated about the intentions of developers to deliver the product to the market with open source.

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Source: CHILI

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