Rossvyaz is developing a project of a single base of smartphones by IMEI

Россвязь разрабатывает проект единой базы смартфонов по IMEI

In order to save when buying mobile devices, many people in Russia prefer to buy smartphones abroad as well as in numerous Internet stores. However, thus you can become the owner of vehicles that are not officially distributed in Russia. The Federal Agency of communications (Rossvyaz) is working on a project to create a unified database IMEI codes of all mobile data devices located in the territory of the country. The database will use the international mobile equipment identity (IMEI) to monitor legally imported devices to block stolen smartphone and track the smuggling channels for illegal import of products. Work on the establishment of such a database is entrusted to the Central research Institute of communications (ZNIIS).

Россвязь разрабатывает проект единой базы смартфонов по IMEI

In the created database will contain information on the “white” and “black” codes, IMEI, subscriber number and the identifier of the SIM card. If you need to track and lock your smartphone with this information is enough to uniquely identify the device. This approach will allow to avoid blocking of devices with duplicate IMEI codes, the number of which in Russia ranges from 5% to 10%.

At this point in TsNIIS there is already a database that consists of telephone numbers of subscribers changed operators. The idea of creation of the IMEI database, according to the Director General of the institution of Andrei Griazev, hovering in the air in 2015. To use the data collected in the database, will the customs service, the Ministry of communications, Ministry of industry and trade and, of course, law enforcement agencies. The main goal pursued by the creation of such a project is the prevention of the importation of smuggled goods, disrupting the economic Foundation for the theft of mobile devices and prevent the use of falsified, counterfeit devices. Similar databases are created and work successfully in USA, UK and India.

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Entering information into the database, on the application of mud can be carried out when the first network registration. If the device is illegally imported to Russia, the owner may be able to pass the necessary procedural steps for the legalization and registration of the smartphone, including the payment of tax.

Source: Kommersant

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