Russian underwater robot has set a record on the lake (5 photos + video)

Российский подводный робот поставил рекорд на Байкале (5 фото + видео)

Underwater robot, designed and built in Russia, was a week-long test on lake Baikal, where he also made a dive to 850 meters. The specialists of the Volgograd laboratory underwater robotics called his brainchild “Moby dick-1000”. The device is intended for use by divers and divers at work on the sunken objects, as well as for the military and scientists.

Test “Moby dick-1000” was held in the village of Nikola. The work of the robot was observed by the employees of the Baikal branch of the Ministry of emergency situations. The device was immersed to different depths, from 100 to 850 meters (the depth record for underwater robots in Russia), but it does not limit domestic developments. It is able to dive to 1000 meters and operate at this depth. During the test, the tested complex “Dolphin”, it is responsible for determining the exact distance to the bottom and can make a map of the surveyed places.

Российский подводный робот поставил рекорд на Байкале (5 фото + видео)

The Baikal lake is the best lake for diving and tests, it is transparent and has a depth of 1,600 meters. And in winter is covered with ice, so the water has no waves and does not interfere with the wind. During the tests the robot has reached the bottom (600 m), the examined him and in memory of this set plate. At the maximum depth (850 m) “Moby dick” inspected the cable and went upstairs.

The robot uses its own engines, it has a camcorder with a CMOS sensor, shooting in FULL HD resolution, manipulators, sonar, led lighting. All the equipment weighs one hundred kilograms, the robot 12.

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The plans of the developers to increase the possibility of “Moby dick” to underwater dives up to 3000 meters. The result: all the lakes and rivers of Russia can be examined using the device. And in 2018, located in the deepest point of Baikal.

Source: the underwater robotics Laboratory “The Whale”

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