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Scorpion 3 — electrical hoverbayk from Russia (video)

Scorpion 3 — электрический ховербайк из России (видео)

Russian startup Hoversur showed tests of a new domestic flying motorcycle Scorpion 3. Electric manned (there are manual and automated control) hoverbayk represents a hybrid design from like a motorcycle and Quad, capable of transporting through the air up to 120 kg, up to a height of 10 meters and move at speeds up to 50 km/h. the Maximum time spent in the air is 27 minutes.

“Thanks to the electric motors, the apparatus does not consume petrol and not pollute the atmosphere. Simply recharge or replace the battery and it is ready to fly. This is a very environmentally friendly solution,” – said the founder of project Alexander Atamanov.

The developers plan to use the Scorpion 3 in extreme sports, however, need to be concerned about the vulnerability of the pilot and others, as the exposed screws don’t look safe. And I would like to see the possibility of not in the hangar and in an open area. Rather, these nuances will be taken into account in the future, as the company Hoversur plans to develop and transport capabilities of the aircraft.

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Source: engadget.com

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Scorpion 3 — electrical hoverbayk from Russia (video)

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