5512 Smart glasses Google Glass: Reboot (3 photos)
Smart glasses Google Glass: Reboot (3 photos)

Smart glasses Google Glass: Reboot (3 photos)

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Смарт-очки Google Glass: Перезагрузка (3 фото)

Despite the fact that the smart glasses Google Glass has not spread to a wide range of consumers, the opportunity for their efficient use in production purposes. One of the largest world manufacturers of agricultural machinery — AGCO Corporation (Atlanta, USA) began to use smart glasses on the Assembly line.

Смарт-очки Google Glass: Перезагрузка (3 фото)

AGCO has a large industrial enterprises manufacturing equipment for agriculture. One of its enterprises — Jackson (mn), the Corporation has used Google Glass in the Assembly of engines for tractors. Heather Erickson, an employee of the using points, claims the device is much easier to obtain information the employee has reduced the time for providing it with the necessary data about the engines and place of installation.

Смарт-очки Google Glass: Перезагрузка (3 фото)

With the help of Google Glass, the workers scan the identification serial number of component parts, get all the information about them, browse the video and photo files directly at the workplace. Control glasses using voice commands does not restrict the freedom of workers. In addition, using smart glasses, you can pass change the necessary information, writing, or dictating voice commands.

Google Glass has also found application in the field of energy, entertainment and medicine. For children with autism points allow recognition of emotional state.

Source: npr.org

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