13246 Sony: PlayStation 5 will take place in any case
Sony: PlayStation 5 will take place in any case

Sony: PlayStation 5 will take place in any case

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Sony: выпуск PlayStation 5 состоится в любом случае

Disputes on that, will release if Sony ever PlayStation 5 or not, can be considered closed. In an interview with the German portal Golem.de the head of the American division of SIE Worldwide Studios Shawn layden said that the new generation of PlayStation definitely will ever appear.

After the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One announcement X press actively talking about the fact that now fans of the consoles instead of generations consoles can switch on the so-called evolutionary model. Sean Leiden refuted this assumption, saying that Sony will go another way. The release of the PlayStation 5 is sure will ever take place, and while the company is focused on supporting the ecosystem of the PlayStation 4 and the release of her high-quality exclusives.

Leyden also noted that Sony is not exactly going to produce exclusives for the PlayStation 4 Pro — all coming projects will be available to users of the standard model consoles. By the way, the recent rumors that the PlayStation 5 may be announce in the next year, the head of SIE Worldwide Studios did not refute.

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