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Student has demonstrated the glove, “bullet-time” (video)

Студент продемонстрировал перчатку, «замедляющую время» (видео)

Alexander majors enrolled in the MSTU. N. Uh. Bauman, popular in the Internet under the nicknames MadGyver, AlexGyver. He created a glove that will help its owner to “slow down” or even “pause” time.On his own YouTube channel, the author published a video showing the ability of the gadget. He slows the rotation of the fan, subwoofe, drill the flow of shower water.

[embedded content]

Here is revealed the principle of operation. The guy has equipped the glove with a strobe, equipped with the brightest led. You can manage it complex from the potentiometer, accelerometer and Arduino. At coincidence of frequency of flares and the rotation of the chosen object, to the observer it seems that the last sort of suspended. In a text accompaniment to the video, there’s a reference to GitHub. Here, the author has published Bulletin: how to assemble his device.

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Student has demonstrated the glove, “bullet-time” (video)

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