Now with the children will grow and their clothes

Теперь вместе с детьми будет расти и их одежда

24-year-old designer from the UK Ryan Mario Yasin solved the problem of many families that have small children. He created a fabric which “grows” with the kids, saving the parents on the children’s wardrobe solid amount.

The idea of using their knowledge in the field of aerospace engineering for tailoring of children’s clothes from Ryan Mario Yassin emerged immediately. He was thinking about it when he gave his nephew a suit. The fact that at the time of delivery the child has grown up and things appeared to him small. This case turned the young designer into the idea of growing together with children outfits.

In the end, Ryan invented a fabric, resembling in appearance and effect of stretching the corrugation. The material consists of many folds, which contribute to the stretching of the garment depending on changes in the height and weight of the child. In other words, made of this fabric wardrobe will keep pace with the maturing of his young master. In addition, the fabric is very durable and waterproof. These properties protect it from wear after many washes and a long, very active wear.

His invention of the Ryan Mario Yasin called “Petit Pli”. The basis of this development has a negative Poisson’s ratio used to characterize the elasticity of different materials: if the object is to try to stretch, it begins to lengthen, and its cross section will simultaneously begin to expand. The size of the object does not matter. This principle has long been used for the production of nanomaterials, some of which find application in Biomedicine, others in the manufacture of sports shoes. And now he found himself in the manufacture of children’s clothing.

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The main purpose of the invention, the collection “Petit Pli” is to help parents to save on buying children’s clothes. A British family for the first 2 years of the child spend on his clothes and 2,000 pounds (a little less than 150 000). For these 2 years 7 baby changes sizes. In addition, mass production of clothing for children under 2 years of age accompanied by a huge waste of materials that become a scourge for the environment and for the budget manufacturers. Ryan Mario Yassin considered that its novelty will allow to solve this problem.

Of created fabric, you can sew things, which should be enough for the child in the period from 3 months to 3 years. For this idea the designer was awarded the James Dyson award, a prestigious international competition among students in the field of engineering design and industrial design. Moreover, now a young scientist talks with a major British companies to produce the “growing” clothes. And hopes to be able to release the first batch of things this year!

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