9629 Tesla is taking pre-orders for the solar panel roof (5 photos)

Tesla is taking pre-orders for the solar panel roof (5 photos)

Tesla принимает предзаказы на солнечные панели для крыш (5 фото)

Tesla has invented a perpetual motion tiles of glass. It is equipped with solar sensors that will provide the house with energy for 30 years. Now know-how is available for pre-order and view products on the manufacturer’s website. There are 2 options of product — smooth and textured roof. Their production is planned for the summer. In 2018, the price list be supplemented with two more categories — Tuscan slate. The head of Tesla Elon Musk said that the new product will be available for many countries, but first it will test the inhabitants of the United States.

Tesla принимает предзаказы на солнечные панели для крыш (5 фото)

A new roof has been announced in the last year. The company’s experts then said that the tile includes several components: color filmed film, solar panel and a layer of tempered glass. Not done all of this without hydrographic printing. The durability of the roof provides added in the production of quartz.

The strength of the roof, developed by Tesla, was confirmed experimentally. In the test participated slate, clay sample and solar shingles. They threw off the weights. Heavy blows passed only the products of Tesla. The company said that their shingles will last forever (or until the collapse of the object itself), but to generate energy roof can last 30 years.

Already known the cost of new items. To calculate the cost of installing a special roof, and the savings from its use of a Sunroof. Musk said that his roof may not cover the whole house, it is enough to establish 35 percent of new products. 1 square foot (930 sq cm) is roughly $ 22. For example, to cover the roof area of 185 square meters to the landlord in the USA will cost $50 000. But the costs are fully covered for 30 years, the owner will save $ 64,000 in electricity bills.

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To draw attention to your product, the head of Tesla was making impressive statements. For example, that their solar roof is not more expensive than usual. Electrek said all tiles are not equipped with solar sensors. The main criteria is the weather in the region and the location of the house. Plain tile Tesla, made of glass, cheaper than similar products of competitors. New development will be in demand when potential customers will take into account the savings generated by the energy roof.

At Tesla there is a special master plan which implies to create a common ecosystem of products. That is, in the future customers purchase electric vehicles, installing solar roof, a special system for the storage of energy in the home, use the charging stations. In April this year, the company made additions to its mobile app. Now you can monitor and control all products Tesla added to the application, i.e. solar panel, battery electric vehicles, home energy storage. The app shows real-time data. The user can track the production of solar energy, power flow and battery information on the consumption of electricity.

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