The bracelet will help not to fall asleep at the wheel (3 photos)

Браслет поможет не уснуть за рулем (3 фото)

Sleepless nights and constant stress can affect the attentiveness of drivers. To avoid “blackouts” while driving, which can lead to tragic consequences, has developed a special bracelet Vivowake.

Браслет поможет не уснуть за рулем (3 фото)

How does the new? The mechanism of the wristband tracks activity of a driver is following with attention and eye movement. If the system has determined that the owner of the bracelet is the signs of a sleepy person that triggered the sound alert.

Браслет поможет не уснуть за рулем (3 фото)

So, according to the authors Vivowake, the driver will take action. He can drink coffee, rest or sleep. If the driver continues, and the threat of the onset of sleep does not disappear, the frequency of alerts from the device will increase.

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