8546 The new Acer camera Holo 360 smart watch Leap Ware (10 photos)

The new Acer camera Holo 360 smart watch Leap Ware (10 photos)

Новинки Acer — камера Holo 360 и смарт-часы Leap Ware (10 фото)

Not to be outdone by competitors, at the conference Acer@Next company Acer introduced a smart watch of its own design Ware Leap and a stereo camera Holo 360. The watch will be on sale in July, about the release date of the camera market are not yet known.

Smart watch Acer Leap Ware-oriented fitness enthusiasts and healthy lifestyle, equipped with MediaTek chipset MT2523 and biosensor MT2511. The gadget is able to measure basic vital signs, including heart rate, fat levels and stress/fatigue, the index of UV radiation and other data, important for the compilation of fitness programs. They are displayed on the display size of 4.2 mm. Also all indicators is transmitted to the smartphone running Android/iOS branded app Liquid Life. The novelty is equipped with battery charge which is enough for five days, and removable straps 20 mm. product Cost is $149.

VR-360 camera Holo adapted to the Android OS and can make calls without connecting to a smartphone to access Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, other social networks and applications. Thanks to the availability of slots for sim-cards, Wi-Fi and support for 4G LTE mobile network gadget without difficulty on the Internet. As for the stereo, the camera is equipped with only two modules for creating panoramic photos and video, the result can be directly loaded into the specified application. The outward appearance of the news also should have no complaints: compact size, grey metallic body, touch display and glossy buttons will attract the attention of anyone.

Source: Acer

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