10126 The robot ALIAS was the second pilot on the Boeing 737 (video)

The robot ALIAS was the second pilot on the Boeing 737 (video)

Робот ALIAS стал вторым пилотом в Boeing-737 (видео)

The robot ALIAS was successfully tested on a simulator that simulates the control system of a passenger aircraft Boeing-737. The most important achievement of the specialists of the Agency advanced development DARPA think a successful landing of the aircraft. In practice such a skill that may save the lives of hundreds of passengers if the crew can not cope with the situation — according to statistics, most accidents occur while reducing the aircraft or its approach to the runway.

Tests were organized on the basis of the center of national transportation systems, located in Cambridge. The robot ALIAS acted co-pilot, monitoring data from the dashboard using multiple cameras, just reading information. A mechanical arm, reacting to the situation, I operated the steering column and throttle flight simulator Boeing 737-800NG.

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Recall, this is not the first test drive of the system. Before he passed sports models Cessna 208 Caravan, UH-1 Iroquois, DHC-2 Beaver and twin-engine Diamond DA42. With each new time the tasks of the equipment, complicated. And despite the fact that the Boeing 737 has long been equipped with a system of auto-pilot, ALIAS is something else. The robot is more capable and versatile tool, helping people to fly an aircraft. It includes procedures for tracking and monitoring, and identification of necessary actions in emergency situations with the subsequent intellectual interaction with the pilot.

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