8954 The robot ostrich (video)

The robot ostrich (video)

Робот-страус (видео)

Developers at IHMC Robotics has demonstrated high-speed robot walking on two legs and capable of speeds up to 16 km per hour with a relatively small size. The solution of the main problems of robots on two pillars — conservation and sustainability, is achieved without the use of complex mechanisms, sensors and sensors. Resistance achieved by high speed movement of the robot looks similar to an ostrich.

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The robot motion is effected by torque from the motor by an elliptical drive on the legs of the device. This is a high speed, which, if comparable to human scale, would be about 50 miles per hour. The disadvantage of this mechanism is the lack of stability at rest. Under heavy braking the robot topples. Despite the skepticism that appeared in the network on the low usability of such prototype in practice, the model has a basic kinematic diagram and low energy consumption. This development will be another step towards creating an effective mechanism, supported by two pillars and simulating human movement.

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