The space telescope Kepler found hundreds of new exoplanets

Космический телескоп Kepler нашел сотни новых экзопланет

Space telescope latest generation of Kepler operates in the constellation of Cygnus. Here 219 potential exoplanets discovered, ten of which are adapted for the habitat. Given the precision with which the telescope identificeret different heavenly bodies, we can safely say that almost all the candidates time to confirm their status.

Космический телескоп Kepler нашел сотни новых экзопланет

We will remind, for years of its operation, Kepler has found over 4000 exoplanets, nearly 2,500 have passed the special inspection, which involves a long observation of the candidates and time-consuming. 30 exoplanets from this list is likely to have water, necessary for vital activity of organisms. They are all in square correspond to our Earth.

In the process of cataloging the findings, the scientists decided to use a new classification. In the first group of experts included a rocky body. This included, in particular, discovered two years ago Kepler-425b. The second group consists of gaseous bodies. this includes the body of smaller size, such as small Kepler-22b. Experts believe that there is still a lot of interesting discoveries.

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